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(under)REPRESENT(ed) is an exhibition that features Parsons alumni of color whose creative practices explore the lived experience of race and aim to dismantle systems of racism.

Alston Green, CGRD Illustration ’72

Alston Green has enjoyed an extensive and exemplary career within the textile, home décor, and gifts and social expression industries. His passion and love for creating beautiful, functional products have prevailed throughout his career. Alston spent many years on Seventh Avenue, New York’s’ renowned epicenter of fashion, creating surface designs for children, women, men and home décor, as well as original patterns and textiles. Over time, he adapted his skills and talents when the greeting card industry came knocking. Alston developed and managed design exclusively for the Mahogany card and gift line, and worked on an assortment of products at Hallmark Cards Inc. in Kansas City Missouri – the world’s leading greeting card company. During his tenure at Hallmark, Alston had the opportunity to expand and redefine Hallmark’s ethnic products programs. In addition, he developed an array of products across the Hallmark brand. Alston’s bold, signature designs allowed him to soar to the top of his field, reshaping, redefining and reinvigorating the personal and social expression industry with products for the African American audience. This program radically changed how this underserved target market celebrates life’s occasions. Alston’s name was passed along to another social expression company on the west coast by way of design product brokers in China, who became aware of his work.

CREDIT Arash Fewzee, MFA Photo ’17

Various greetings cards created for the Mahogany Collection

Alston Green
CGRD Illustration ’72

The Mahogany Collection redefined Hallmark's legacy through its launch of products for the African American consumer. Green developed and managed design exclusively for the Mahogany Collection, a groundbreaking brand which expanded cultural expression and representation for African Americans, who were not previously marketed to by greeting card companies. This work pays homage to how the African American market expresses and celebrates life’s occasions. Each card represents different facets of life, including the celebration of parents, graduation, love, and African American church life. These greeting cards are just a small selection from the larger Hallmark Mahogany Collection, which radically changed how this underserved target market celebrates life’s occasions.

In what ways have your identities impacted your education and career paths?

I have used my personal strengths to augment my creative talents and application to design.

Are you still involved with Parsons?

I hope to be more involved in the future.

What advice would you share with current Parsons students?

Believe in yourself and your talents . Never be afraid to ask for help. LISTEN !!

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