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(under)REPRESENT(ed) is an exhibition that features Parsons alumni of color whose creative practices explore the lived experience of race and aim to dismantle systems of racism.

Inyegumena Nosegbe, BFA Communication Design ’16

Inyegumena Nosegbe is an honors graduate from Parsons School of Design. She received her BFA in Communications Design in 2016 and delivered the commencement speech for her graduation ceremony. As a multidisciplinary designer, Inyegumena’s personal work materializes at the intersection of art, culture and the exploration of the evolving identity of the African Diaspora.

CREDIT: Arash Fewzee, MFA Photo ’17


Inyegumena Nosegbe, BFA Communication Design ’16
Ink on newsprint

DEAR WHITE AMERICA is a collection of 10 newspapers that explores the idea of the black body as America’s #1 threat and target. Each copy is addressed to the most powerful system of oppression in today's society: white supremacy. Each copy contains a short body of writing and is signed with the full name of an individual who was unrightfully slain by the police. The form of the newspaper transforms into a poster with a full bleed image of the victim at her/his time of death. “I was very deliberate in the selection, editing, and cropping of these images. It was important to show the victims in a state of extreme vulnerability, just moments before their deaths. All of the images were pixelated and saved at a low resolution to comment on the fact that these victims were of little to no importance to the system/society/oppressor. Finally, some images show those who have inflicted trauma on the victims (e.g., the police).”

How would you describe your day to day job and/or artistic practice?

I work at a creative ad agency creating extensive campaigns for beauty, luxury and fashion brands. I work on branding, digital strategy, activations, moving image and act as an art director on photoshoots and film/documentary/tv sets.

Would you describe your career path as typical? Why or why not?

No. Everything happens for a reason. I am extremely happy with where I am and I cannot imagine it any other way. I had always been interested in art and design but did not seriously pursue it until Junior year in High school (2011). Around that same time, I decided that I wanted to go to Parsons. With little to no experience, I spent a lot of late nights trying to create a portfolio that was good enough to get me into Parsons. I applied, got accepted and began my freshman year as a CD major in 2012. The rest is history.

In what ways have your identities impacted your education and career paths?

My identity is everything to me. It is who I am. It effects the lens through which I view art and design. It effects my interactions with friends and strangers. It inspires the projects that I choose to pursue. It effects the audience that I choose to speak to through my work. It effects the way I move through life and the decisions that I make in each moment.

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